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Multichannel phone number

This will help customers reach you faster, and employees will not spend their working hours waiting in line for an outgoing call start at £5,59/mo

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How is a multichannel number better than a regular one?

Easy to reach you

A single geographic number with the optimal number of telephone lines will never be "busy", so customers will be able to call you on the first try.

Eliminates the waste of working time

Employees do not have to wait for a phone line to become free. They will be able to freely make outgoing calls at any time.

Single corporate number

Your customers no longer need to remember different phone numbers. They need only to remember the one that will always connect them to the right employee. You can install a beautiful easy-to-remember phone number in the office, consisting of simple combinations of digits.

Solution scalability

In case of an increase in the flow of calls, for example, due to the growth of business, you can always connect the required number of additional telephone lines to your multichannel number.

Fast connection

It will take no more than 15 minutes to connect a geographic multichannel number.


Multichannel numbers, like any other virtual numbers: 8-800, geographic numbers are not tied to a specific address. When you move to a new office, the multi-channel number remains with you. If your company is expanding and additional branches are opening, you can use the same number to communicate with customers.

Favorable price

KOMPaaS has built its own in-country long distance/International network and a network of local communication nodes. This is why we can offer our customers low prices for local, long-distance and international calls

How to connect a number?

Select a pricing plan
Select phone number
Go to shopping cart
Complete the application form
The manager will contact you and help you connect

Why KOMPaaS?

5 countries:
Telecom operator in five countries
Connecting a virtual number
in 15 minutes
50 000 numbers
own number capacity in Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Austria
The first phone number
can be connected free of charge
No charge
for porting numbers to the KOMPaaS network
Select a multi-channel number and send a request for connection to your personal manager
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Personal manager

  • You can always expect an individual approach
  • Helps you choose telephony services best suited for your business needs
  • Will help to reduce communication costs without a reduction of quality
  • Will help you configure the Virtual PBX functions

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