Press releases has introduced three new Virtual PBX tariffs

The key feature of the new tariffs is that the connection is free, and the cost includes a package of more than 30% free features, among which are all types of Call forwarding, Online-monitoring panel, Call statistics, Voice greeting and Voice menu (IVR), Forwarding to manager, integration of third-party PBX with Virtual PBX KOMPaaS, and many others.

Read more's revenue for the year 2023 increased by 19%

In a remarkable display of growth and innovation,, a leading provider of telephony services and advanced software solutions for business process automation, has announced a significant revenue increase of 19% for the year 2023. Serving a diverse clientele of corporate entities and individuals across Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, and France, has solidified its position as a pivotal player in the telecommunications and IT sectors.

Read more expands telephony services and CPaaS solutions into France, a highly esteemed telephony service provider in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, and Germany, is delighted to announce the launch of its telephony services and CPaaS solutions in France. This expansion marks a significant milestone in the company's strategic approach to delivering state-of-the-art communication tools and services on a global scale.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Partner, as the holiday season approaches, we would like to thank you for our pleasant and successful cooperation in 2023! May your heart be filled with the warmth of the holiday season and the joy of the New Year!

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The new VPBX service "Voice classification calls" aids in classifying requests

Corporate clients of now have access to the new complimentary feature of the Virtual PBX "Voice classification calls", which allows the assignment of tags to a call based on the operator's voice command upon its conclusion.

Read more shows an increase in revenue by 22% in 2022

Fixed-line telecom operator, software product developer shows a 22% increase in revenues by 2022 and a 12% increase in B2B subscriber base.

Read more combines different channels of communication with customers on a single online Multichat platform

Telecom operator, software product developer introduces a new service for business clients, the omnichannel Multichat platform, which allows you to effectively manage communication with customers simultaneously via feedback forms on the website, social networks, messengers, chatbots, etc.

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ChatGPT is available for testing by calling

The telecom operator and software developer connected telephony services with ChatGPT, thus providing an opportunity for all interested users to communicate and test the intelligent bot not only in chat, but also by voice over the phone.

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New feature of KOMPaaS PBX "Call Transcription"

From February 1, business clients of the telecom operator and the software products developer KOMPaaS have access to a new function of the Virtual PBX "Call Transcription", which allows you to turn speech into text.

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A new way to authenticate a user by "Confirmation Call"

Telecom operator, and software developer KOMPaaS announces the launch of a new service "Confirmation Call", which is widely demanded among companies in the e-commerce segment.

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KOMPaaS offers a solution to combine a hardware PBX with a virtual one

Telecom operator, software developer KOMPaaS announces the launch of a new service. From now users will be able to combine the KOMPaaS Virtual PBX and any third-party PBX (analogue, hybrid or virtual) into a single PBX with a single numbering plan with the ability to interconnect them using internal subscriber numbers.

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Technical maintenance

Dear Valued Customer, Hereby we would like to inform you, that the scheduled technical maintenance will be carried out on August 1st. Access to KOMPaaS portal will be provided as soon as possible.

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MCNtelecom has carried out rebranding

MCNtelecom announces the completion of rebranding, which includes changing the brand name, visual identity, logo, domains of the company's websites. The new brand name is KOMPaaS.

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KOMPaaS has developed Flash Call authentication on its telecom platform

Telecom operator, software developer KOMPaaS offers several ways to verify users data: Flash Call, Password Call, Password SMS.

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The number of KOMPaaS's clients increased by 23% in 2021

KOMPaaS shows an increase in the subscriber base in four European countries: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Germany by 23%.

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How do we work on holidays?

We express gratitude to all our partners for fruitful cooperation we had in 2021. It is our honor to be involved in the growth of your business. We improved interaction with your customers this year and we look forward to cooperating in 2022 as well!

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On 4th October 2021 major internet and telecom operators suffered from total or partial malfunction, which was caused by the failure in the European backbone network.

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Prompter for enhancing sales department

Starting from 1st July we havelaunched a new feauture of Virtual PBX - Prompter! The more advanced manager in your call center or sales department anytime can dial a short number and he/she can be connected to the telephone call of the less experienced colleague. Prompter assists by listening in on a parallel telephone line and gives comments to the rookie, without clients's awareness.

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2020 results of KOMPaaS: A 30% increase of the subscriber base in Europe

Telecom operator and software developer KOMPaaS, ended 2020 with better than expected results. This included revenue growth and a significant increase in Europe. 2020 was a year of new challenges, changes and relative success for KOMPaaS.

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KOMPaaS and Kommo have completed their integration for Europe customers

Integration of KOMPaaS's Virtual PBX and Kommo has adapted for the European market. There are about 400 companies-customers of the telecom operator from four European countries: Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Germany can combine the KOMPaaS's cloud PBX with the popular customer relationship management system to single solution in a few clicks.

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NNP Exchange: from concept to product

KOMPaaS offers NNP Exchange - a database of ported numbers and numbers allocated to operators as a solution for the developers of billing systems, telecom operators and data aggregators.

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