Virtual PBX

Free Virtual PBX for three subscribers with the ability to integrate with CRM systems via API, as well as direct integrations with popular CRM, ERP and online services such as Altegio, Kommo, SAP Business One. Over 200 useful additional services to help you automate customer interactions.

Most important functions

The robot helps to reduce the time it takes to process incoming and outgoing requests. It can further assist with the sale of complex products and increases customer loyalty.
The robot controller helps you to create simple and effective business communications and increase your company's revenue by not missing a single lead.
A Virtual PBX function that allows you to record calls from internal, external and mobile subscribers. The recording of conversations is also strong evidence in court provided that the client was warned in advance that his call is being recorded.
Tired of calls from persistent sellers of unnecessary services? No time for the phone calls with competitors posing as potential customers? Take advantage of the free Virtual PBX feature black and white lists.
IVR includes a customer greeting, which allows you to identify the company even before the call reaches a specific employee. The function is also intended for direct connection of a subscriber with the required department / employee by entering a short number in tone mode.
A function that allows you to redirect an incoming call to any short number of the subscriber within the PBX in accordance with the selected settings (of course, no answer, or busy).



Looking for a way to make your product even more valuable to your customer? Do you want to spend less time and money on handling incoming calls?

Stop forcing your customers to press phone buttons during a call. Connect the Voice Assistant, which will listen and answer questions in a language the user understands.

Robot controller

Don't have enough time to monitor sales managers? Do you miss calls and at the same time customers and company profits? Invite a Robot Controller, which will call back any missed calls and connect your client with a free manager.


A widget for a website that combines two products in a single solution: a callback and an online consultant, which makes it possible to receive a free consultation with a manager in real time by asking a question in the chat.

Integration with CRM systems


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